History of Furutakamatsu






Hisamoto old burial mound appeared in the area that the chief of the Chausuyama Old Burial Mound ever assumed the center of the the lower reaches of Shin River with a huge stone tomb in the side of a mountain at west Hontsu River, time same as the appearance of the Furumiya Honorific Title of a Japanese god Corporation old burial mound of the Kouto River basin in the late sixth century.


The burial mound is 10.8m in total length

It has a stone shelf in the middle of the back wall. (It’s very rare.)

An earthenware coffin of the quality of Haji was enshrined under this stone shelf.

As for what I receive disturbance in a burial mound in coming ages, and stayed as grave goods, there are many earthen vessels, ironmongery, Syobantsuki-kanamari.

(NOTE: Syobantsuki-kanamari is one of the Buddhists alter fittings. It looks like a jar with a plate, and it made by copper.)

 FROM THIS...             

The earthenware coffin was used willingly in the Kibi district, and the earthenware coffin of the Hisamoto old burial mound might be carried from the Kibi district, and buried person of the Hisamoto old burial mound was more likely to be the relations that were close to Kibi power.

From these, it is constructed in the late sixth century, and the family of the leader who were in the burial mound continued additional burials until the seventh century.

I am considered that the last burial is accompanied with Dowan and am originally an instrument related to Buddhism. There is the thing which I do neighboring villages, and has Yamashita old burial mound, a stone tomb in the side of a mountain of a little less than 10 meters in total length large size such as the hill old burial mound, and this area whole area is considered that it was in the cemetery bounds of the chief hierarchy.
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Near the Hisamoto old burial mound, there is Yamashita old burial mounds are in the Furutakamatsu precinct. furutakamatsu understands that people lived for some time for several thousand years called the Burial Mound era.



Kibi Province is an  ancient Japanese  local nation.  Now with whole Okayama,  east Hiroshima,  Kagawa islands  part, and west Hyogo  (some Sayo district  and a part of Ako-City).  It was one of the  convincing power  with Tsukushi, Izumo,  Yamato and so on.