History of Furutakamatsu 本文へジャンプ


Kiokaji Temple

The origin of Kiokaji temple was built in 829. Unlike now, the principal image was Kannon.

  It became the abandoned temple before long. But, Buddhist priest, Kakugyo rebuilt it in 1229. However, it was fired with a book by a battle. It changed names and places. A monument of Jokoji Temple Ruins is built in front of a building of the neighborhood called Farmarland.

   The current Kiokaji temple became the Kioka Castle in 1335. Yorishige Takamatsu, military commander of northern and southern dynasties, built the castle. It is also called "Takamatsu Castle", and it may be the origin of the place name of Furutakamatsu.

   The castle, however, fell two times. In November, 1335, it was attacked and fallen by Jozen Hosokawa, vassal of Takauji Ashikaga (the person who opened the Muromachi Shogunate). It was the time of construction of the castle, and whole family, except Yorishige died.

  In 1585, it was fallen by vassals (Kuroda official soldiers of the Imperial Guard) of Hideyoshi Toyotomi (the person who accomplished world unification) by Invasion of Shikoku. Three graves of commanders, Karato Danjo, Katayama Shima, Takamatsu Yorimura, are still inside the KiokaJI temple.

   Nine years later, in 1584, the present Kiokaji temple was built. The principal image is Acala.

   In autumn, a tea party is held every year in Kiokaji temple and is concerned with a local people now.

 A tanka that sang Kiokaji temple is left.

   "Naru kane no Hibikiwataruka Azusayumi Yashima ni chikaki Oka no Furudera by Yamazaki Munenori"

   (Ringing bell, it sounds around by catalpa bow, old temple standing on the hill near Yashima)


shrine for the loyal dead

Shrine for Loyal dead is like a graveyard to hold a memorial service for a fight in the Kioka Castle and the conventional Great War. There is the monument about the Kioka Castle in that, too. The chief priest of the old Kiokaji temple built it.

   A memorial service of the war dead is held every year in spring. Because it is mentioned Kioka Castle and two history of the Great War, it is the historic spot where we can learn a lot. The feature of it is that the access is good because there is it near JR Yashima Station. A lot of historic spots concerning the competition between Genji and Heike are left near here, too.