History of Furutakamatsu 本文へジャンプ



Miyanohara 736, Kasuga Town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa

Amenoko Yane Kami was enshrined as a guardian god in Kasuga.
This Shrine was constoructed in the 2nd year of the Tenpo period.In February 1980,  reconstrucion of this shrine began, and it was completed in September of the same year.

As a guardian god of Kasuga Town, he prays for the growth, safety, peace, and life of children.

There are other shrines, such as Wakammiya Shrine, Tkarada Shrine, and Chi Shrine in other parts of the precincts.

A summer festival is held on the first Sunday of August, and an autumn festival is held on the first weekend of October.


2 March, 176-2, Kasuga Town, Takamatsu city

When the reconstruction of Shinkawajiri was completed, 100 young cedar plants were donated and planted by people around the Kasuga Shrine. A monument was also build there. In additon, another 65 trees were planted in this area.

Kasuga shrine was built as Uji shrine in Matsubara. The main BUilding of this Shinto Shrine was built over a 1000 years ago. Its reconstruction began in 55th year of Syowa period, in the month of February. This was a dream come true for the followers of this Shinto Shrine. At the same time, a wall was built, and copleted, around the treasure house of Takarada Corporation and the preciecienct in the month of September.

¥98million was needed for this reconstruction and its total cost was depended on the oblation of the Kasuga district parishioner.

“This Kasuga shrine was built as Uji shrine in Matsubara. The main building of Shinto Shrine built 1000 years ago was very old, the reconstruction work started in February Syowa 55. Many community of a Shinro shrine hoped to do so. At the same time, awall around the reconstruction of treasure house Takarada Corporation and the precients rebuilt, and copleted in September. They needed 98 millionyen, and the total cost of construction depended on the oblation of the Kasuga district parishioner in all."