History of Furutakamatsu 本文へジャンプ

Furuakamatsu has a lot of historic spots.

We will introduce five famous spots in here!


Origin of "Furutakamatsu


Here was the middle of Takamatsu until the end of 16th century. The vassal of merit, Funaki Yorishige and the descendant of the Kemmu Restoration built the castle here in Takamatsu, but it is attacked by the military of the center conqueror, in the 14th century and the 16th century. Then, it was made to change the name to Furutakamatsu because Chikamasa Ikoma built the new castle in existing Tamamo-cho and introduced itself as "Takamatsu". (quoting from "Eki Hito Meguri (Station human visiting)" 29 Shikoku Shimbun July 23, 2011)

About "Furutakamatsu"


 Furutakamatsu --- Yashima was in the north direction, and rice fields were seen a lot in old days. Furutakamatsu Elementary School has the history more than 100 years. There are the stages of the battle between Genji and Heike near here. We who were brought up in this town with the history learned about the local history. So when we decide to participate in WEB contest, we thought "What do we introduce?" What came out to the first when thought, was about the history of Furutakamatsu.


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